While the actual amount of / questions is currently rather low (1 exlusive , 1 exclusive , 1 tagged with both), we should probably nip the usage of both in the bud and make one of them a synonym of the other.

There are currently ~6 questions containing ripgrep, and ~16 containing rg, some of them use instead of or or the tag of the completion framework (counsel, helm, ivy, ...).

Unfortunately, I lack the necessary reputation to suggest a synonym myself. I've suggested an initial excerpt for and propose that we make a synonym of . I suggest as the synomym, as rg is the name of the binary, where as is the name of the project.

  • +1. Sounds reasonable to me. Dunno how such things get decided/done.
    – Drew
    Apr 9, 2021 at 21:36

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Done. I've merged rg into ripgrep and made it a synonym.

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