I changed a small piece of text in my previous question. The alteration is an important one and warrants a separate question.

However, the system decides that I am posting the same question again and the button "Post your question" does not work.

enter image description here

What to do?

For the time being I appended a dummy text "This question is not a duplicate" to fool the system and was successful in posting the question - How to type S-<LEFT>.

Compare - How to type C-M

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Your question How to type S-<LEFT> is not actually how to type S-left but how to use the transient mode for indent-rigidly. If you'd included more information in your title, and if you'd copied the text from the manual instead of a screenshot, the system would probably not have flagged it as a probable duplicate.

Never make a screenshot of text unless you need to show the formatting (e.g. in a question about coloring text), and if you do this, include the text as text as well.

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