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For questions about the syntax highlighting performed inside code blocks on Emacs Stack Exchange.

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How to format code blocks

How can I post a block of Emacs Lisp code? How can I post some buffer content including special characters and not have them interpreted as markup?
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Syntax highlighting is almost imperceptible, especially the str class

It used to highlight Lisp strings with a brown font. No longer, it seems? <!-- language: lang-el --> It still works with IE (11), but it no longer works with Google Chrome (version 49.0.2623....
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14 votes
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Tune syntax highlighting based on a per-site content-based rule

Stack Exchange's syntax highlighting engine (which is based on Google Prettify) has some heuristics to choose between programming languages when highlighting a block of code. That doesn't work so well ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Adding `language: lang-el` to code blocks is not adding syntax highlighting for elisp

Per What is syntax highlighting and how does it work?, it would appear that adding <!-- language: lang-el --> prior to code blocks in Emacs should enable syntax highlighting. Unfortunately it ...
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