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Are questions about other Emacs-like editors on-topic?

I'm currently investigating in edwin, an Emacs-like editor bundled with MIT Scheme. The very moment I've tried to start it up, I've found an interesting question for the Stackexchange, but am not ...
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Emacs-as-OS versus Emacs-as-IDE?

This is partly an inverse to the question Are questions about getting emacs-like behavior in other things on topic? In particular, I'm looking at the remark in one of the answers there: What ...
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Are command-line editing interface on topic? [duplicate]

Using emacs in shell is activated by default or by the following command: set -o emacs Are the questions about the shell commands on topic? Example 1 (see comments): how to achieve some text ...
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Reopen this package recommendation question?

This question is currently closed as opinion based: Better indentation and navigation in assembly source code But according to this meta post, package recommendations seem to be fine: Are questions ...
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Are questions about feature requests on topic?

I'm thinking of questions like the following: Magit pushing / pulling show progress Such a question could well be a feature request sent to magit's bug tracking system or mailing list, and as such ...
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Questions where Emacs is only incidental

Is magit: how to set default username? on-topic? It's about Git. The problem is with Git usage, and solved through a Git setting. The fact that the user accesses Git via Magit is anecdotal; all the ...
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Not yet ready for public beta [closed]

Last week, I mentioned: This private beta needs to demonstrate that a dedicated site opens the door for questions that can't survive on our flagship site. In order to evaluate the site on those ...
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Are questions about getting other editor like behavior in emacs on topic?

This is related, but in the opposite direction of another question: Are questions about getting emacs-like behavior in other things on topic? Personally, I feel these types of questions should be on-...
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Are questions about package recommendations on topic?

Are questions asking for packages recommendations on topic? For example: What's the best package for reading email in Emacs for a GMail user?
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Are questions about getting emacs-like behavior in other things on topic?

This is probably a slippery slope, since there are questions of this form which are clearly off topic ("I really like package X in emacs. How do I get that in Sublime?"). But I'm wondering if ...
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About packages (in particular AUCTeX or ESS)

Are all questions about Emacs packages suitable for this page? What about packages as, for example, AUCTeX or ESS? On TeX.SE we already see several questions related to AUCTeX. Are such questions ...
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