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For questions regarding the nature of a "question" on StackExchange sites; e.g. how to ask, whether specific questions are appropriate, etc.

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Emacs questions from Stack Overflow or Super User

What is the policy for questions that are already asked on Stack Overflow, Super User, or something similar? I've got a few questions over there that are unanswered (and some answered but I'm not ...
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Let's write a general “Something stopped working, here's my init file” question

It's been mentioned here before. This type of question is the most frequent one we get around here. Something is not behaving as it should, and the asker either gives us nothing or dumps their entire ...
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Should a minimal effort to find the answer be required for a question?

See this exchange in the comments, about closing the question. I would like to see, as a possible reason to close a question, a judgment as to whether the OP made a minimal effort to find the answer. ...
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Should we have a [big-list] tag similar to

In the spirit of being bold, I created a tag parallelling's big-list, where there are 85 questions tagged that way, some with over 100K views. The clone I created on Emacs.SE is here: big-list,...
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Are questions about configuring an Operating System to work better specifically with Emacs on-topic?

Specifically, this question: Keycode for Shift + Return on OS X iterm2 The user wants to configure OSX (which would normally be off-topic), but that configuration is specifically for Emacs. In this ...
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Do we take questions on "helper" programs?

We're an Emacs Q&A site, but there's a grey area (to me, at least) about questions on external programs that are closely related to our use of Emacs, but which are not actually Emacs. In effect, ...
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Should question text restate the title?

I don't like getting emails where the first sentence is in the subject line, and the second sentence is in the body of the email. I also dislike forum posts which do the same. For example, this post ...
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Should we actively migrate or move emacs questions from other StackExchange sites to the new Emacs Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

Should we actively migrate or move emacs questions from other StackExchange sites to the new Emacs Stack Exchange? I don't know if there is existing policy or not about this, but I couldn't find it ...
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How do we deal with questions asking for tips or guidelines?

At the moment, there's a question on the site asking how to improve Emacs Lisp Performance. That is clearly on topic and it's not subjective, but it's also quite vague. How do we feel about such ...
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Asking off-topic questions in comments

What is the best way to go about asking another user a question that is relevant to Emacs, but perhaps tangential to any given question? For example, what if a user posts screenshots and I want to ...
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Are questions about the "Emacs toolchain" acceptable?

are questions about programs from the "Emacs toolchain" allowed? Specifically, would a question about Texinfo be acceptable, given that it's a standard format for writing Emacs documentation? I ...
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How does one properly give a higher score to interesting/funny questions?

I'm as serious as the next guy, when I have to be, and regrettably, is not a humour site. Unfortunately, the more seriously I must regard myself, the less serious, sometimes, ...
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