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For questions regarding the nature of a "question" on StackExchange sites; e.g. how to ask, whether specific questions are appropriate, etc.

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Emacs questions from Stack Overflow or Super User

What is the policy for questions that are already asked on Stack Overflow, Super User, or something similar? I've got a few questions over there that are unanswered (and some answered but I'm not ...
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Should a minimal effort to find the answer be required for a question?

See this exchange in the comments, about closing the question. I would like to see, as a possible reason to close a question, a judgment as to whether the OP made a minimal effort to find the answer. ...
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Are questions about configuring an Operating System to work better specifically with Emacs on-topic?

Specifically, this question: Keycode for Shift + Return on OS X iterm2 The user wants to configure OSX (which would normally be off-topic), but that configuration is specifically for Emacs. In this ...
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Do we take questions on "helper" programs?

We're an Emacs Q&A site, but there's a grey area (to me, at least) about questions on external programs that are closely related to our use of Emacs, but which are not actually Emacs. In effect, ...
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How does one properly give a higher score to interesting/funny questions?

I'm as serious as the next guy, when I have to be, and regrettably, is not a humour site. Unfortunately, the more seriously I must regard myself, the less serious, sometimes, ...
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