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The "Why have I been limited to one question per week?" setting

I've noticed that is a thing. I've also noticed that we have a user who for a while has been spamming the site with (IMHO) poor-quality (and ...
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Is the norm on this site that posters should complete the elisp tutorial before asking questions?

As suggested in this answer. If so, it would be useful to have that guidance on the ask page, as it's a much stronger norm than most SE sites.
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What can be done to improve the Emacs Development Tools question?

What are good tools for Emacs package development? There as been a lot of discussion in the comments section of this question. I can gracefully accept the fact that it isn't well-formed as it ...
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Are questions about package recommendations on topic?

Are questions asking for packages recommendations on topic? For example: What's the best package for reading email in Emacs for a GMail user?
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How do we deal with questions asking for tips or guidelines?

At the moment, there's a question on the site asking how to improve Emacs Lisp Performance. That is clearly on topic and it's not subjective, but it's also quite vague. How do we feel about such ...
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