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New background highlighting of code?

Is there a new (e.g. grayish) background highlighting for code now? I get the impression that there is and that syntax highlighting does not stand out as well against it as it stood out before. I ...
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Emacs updated site theme is ready for testing!

As part of implementing the new unified themes across the network, we're gradually rolling out updated site themes for each site. As of today, we have enabled your updated site theme for testing. If ...
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Contrast for answer acceptance icon is too poor

The contrast for the tick mark icon for accepting an answer is too poor. I couldn't make it out and I thought it was disabled on my system. Will the admins please enhance it.
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Increasing the font size breaks the layout

If I increase the font size in my browser, the layout of the front page breaks: The <div class='summary'> containing the post title, tags, etc., which is styled float:left will sometimes slide ...
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New Site Design Live! -- Update: Response to feedback

Update May 26, 2016 Thanks for all your feedback. Please continue to provide further feedback if you have it. Based on the comments I've received so far, here are the updates that you should see ...
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Emacs Site Design (With an updated logo and colors!)

UPDATE: MAY 19, 2016 Thank you to everyone who took the time to review and provide feedback. Based on the comments and posts below, here are the changes that are being made to the design: Logo Based ...
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Community Site Design Ideas — Input Needed!

My name is Joshua, and I'm a Senior Product Designer at Stack Overflow. And, congrats, I will be working on your community's site design. Huzzah! Okay now for the questions. As I begin the design, I'...
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Syntax highlighting is almost imperceptible, especially the str class

It used to highlight Lisp strings with a brown font. No longer, it seems? <!-- language: lang-el --> It still works with IE (11), but it no longer works with Google Chrome (version 49.0.2623....
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Header graphics and logo

There is a long time since Emacs.SE went out of beta. When will there be header graphics for the site and a logo like the other SE sites?
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Can I change the theme colors when I log in?

Right now the list of questions on the entry page ( has medium-blue text on a non-white background. Also medium-gray text for the number of votes. I know low-...
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Is the current favicon the best we can do?

The current favicon is a bit vague: a speech bubble containing the letters "EM". It's okay once you know what it is, but it doesn't really suggest "Emacs" to me. (No offense intended to whoever made ...
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