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Etiquette when mentioning an idea in an answer that was previously mentioned in a comment

What to with an answer that is a direct copy of a previous comment? like this case
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Uniquify display name?

I was browsing through emacs.SE and came across this post: disable whitespace mode on new buffers The odd thing is that the OP is Drew ( ) and that ...
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Asking off-topic questions in comments

What is the best way to go about asking another user a question that is relevant to Emacs, but perhaps tangential to any given question? For example, what if a user posts screenshots and I want to ...
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Norms on "downvote + comment"?

Q: what commenting norms should we adopt when downvoting? I have noticed, on a couple of recent occasions, the following sequence of events: a question or answer receives a downvote (or, for a Q, a ...
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