I just introduced the tag in an edit of this question, and was wondering if that's something we want. Do we want to have tags for 'sub features' of e.g. org-mode. If so, should those tags be like or (or something similar)?

Quickly looking through the tags I noticed one question using the tag, for which this also holds.

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Definitely prefix the tags with org-.

and have an obvious meaning.
means nothing to me at first (in the context of emacs).

I also see no problem in applying both tags and . It might seem a bit redundant, but both tags do apply and that is how tags work. Both people who follow and should see this question.


I noticed we also have a tag. That might be starting to get a little too specific.

  • Regarding the update. I would limit it to org-export with regards to exporting issues ox-*. org-publish is a subset of org-export but with it's own issues at times. Oct 6, 2014 at 13:16

I'd say go with something along the lines of . That is how they have been dealt with on SO.

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