I notice the install tag doesn't have a wiki, so I thought I would try to put one together. However, I'm not sure what it should be. It looks like most of the questions with the install tag refer to installing packages, usually from a repository, but there are also a number of questions about installing emacs from source or different repositories.

Should install cover all of this? Or should it be split into package-install and emacs-install? The package-install aspect of this may already be covered by the package tag, and the build tag exists for building emacs from source, so maybe we can get rid of install altogether?

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  • If there are not lots of uses so far, and we don't expect lots, then let's leave it, i.e., let it cover both. If there are already lots or we expect lots, it could be split into package-install and install (for Emacs, the name of this SE site). – Drew Nov 21 '19 at 23:23

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