We have multiple tags about copy-paste, I mean about killing and yanking. Should some of them be synonyms? Should some of them be renamed, deleted, or disambiguated?

  • (5): only used on questions about kill operations. This is the short title in of the relevant chapter in the Emacs manual, so in general I'd favor this as the main tag. However, given how Emacs uses different terminology from the rest of the world, and given that “killing” is ambiguous as to whether it only refers to killing or to the whole kill-yank family, I'm inclined to go with standard terminology here.
  • (26) is more often than not used on questions specifically about the yank side, but also on questions about copy-paste in general.
  • (46) is the terminology used by the rest of the world. It has the majority share here as well. So I think this should be the main tag.
  • (26) is basically a synonym of “copy-paste” in standard terminology, but in Emacs it specifically refers to the OS facility. In practice does seem to be used specifically about the OS facility, though this may not be the best name.
  • is mostly used to refer to copy-paste in general. While I can see the value in reserving this tag for questions that are specifically about the kill ring rather than about the operations to get things into it and out of it, this doesn't seem to bear out in practice and anyway it isn't a very clear distinction.

We had this discussion two years ago but it was inconclusive and our tags have evolved naturally since then.

Have I missed some relevant tags? What should each of these tags be about?

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  1. We should have one tag that covers the general topic of copying, pasting, and cutting: copy-yank-kill or copy-paste-cut (approximate synonyms). I don't see a need to have tags for these separately.

  2. kill-ring and clipboard need to exist independently of a general copy-paste-cut tag. Similarly to clipboard, we can have tags primary-selection and secondary-selection. (selection is ambiguous and is best avoided, IMO.)

  3. killing should be removed. kill and killing cannot appear alone - we have killing of buffers too.

  • 1
    There's nothing wrong with making copy-yank-kill and copy-paste-cut synonyms of each other.
    – Anaphory
    Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 7:40
  • @Anaphory: Yes, that's what I meant too. They should be tag synonyms.
    – Drew
    Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 13:43

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