This is related, but in the opposite direction of another question:

Are questions about getting emacs-like behavior in other things on topic?

Personally, I feel these types of questions should be on-topic as I've already asked one here:

How to auto-save buffers when Emacs loses focus?

But I figured it was worth asking as these types of questions could be contentious.

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    Why would such questions be contentious? I doubt that you will get any "no" answers here. – Drew Sep 27 '14 at 16:06
  • They're fine. Just remember to explain the feature well. – Malabarba Sep 28 '14 at 17:38

I believe they are on-topic.

You are asking about how to provide feature x in Emacs. The fact that the feature is in another editor/application already simply gives a better frame of reference for what behavior is desired.

I feel however that the question should still describe the desired behaviour well enough to be understood without knowledge of the other application/editor.

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Given that asking about some imaginary feature X is on-topic, I don't see how the fact that the feature is present in this or that editor renders it off-topic.

I personally see those kinds of questions interesting, specially for beginners. When I was learning Emacs, it was quite common for me to ask someone 'how can I do X-like thing from visual-studio in Emacs'. I could say most of the times someone told me the 'emacs-way' of doing the same task, which was not quite the same, but way superior.

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