The tag is a bit of a mess right now. Click the button and see for yourself.

It seems to be used for essentially anything, and seeing the tag gives me no information on what the questionis about.

The most common use is something similar to "configuration files", but we already have for that purpose (which is usually also used in these questions).

What should we do about it?

Edit: is now a synonym for


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It seems like a meta-tag to me; it doesn't look like it adds classification to any questions that are not further classified by other tags (such as one indicating which of the many potential features one is attempting to "configure").

I would vote for destroying it.


By itself, it should not be a useless tag: some questions are about configuring emacs, other are about using emacs.

Even if we exclude questions about a specific configuration area, which could and should be tagged accordingly, remain some general configuration questions.


Most of these general questions could replace with the much discussed tag.

So the only usage of that I can think of would be to make a difference between "configuration" questions, and "usage" questions (together with additional tags). Note that this distinction is itself a very thin line: most "usage" questions end up involving some variable to set or some defun to evaluate, and it is usually trivial to adapt such a "usage" answer into a "configuration" one, by adding the relevant bit of elisp to the init file.

So... yes, in my opinion, we don't really need that tag.

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